GRAPHIC: You Do Not Want To Watch MMA Fighter Leslie Smith’s Ear Get Torn In Half And Explode

Well I did warn you in the headline, so you have nobody to be mad at when you become queasy after watching this gruesome video. Leslie Smith battled contender Jessica Eye in this vicious brawl at UFC 180 in Mexico City on Saturday night. Eye kept bashing Smith on the left side of her head to the point that she developed a swollen and engorged cauliflower ear. Between the first and second rounds doctors examined Smith’s damaged ear and allowed her to continue fighting. Her medical team patched her up as much as they could and she bravely returned to the fight. Eye landed a devastating punch on Smith’s left ear which split it open and actually caused it to explode squirting blood into the air. Smith’s mangled ear was so ravaged that it was dangling off her head. The fight was called at 1:30 in the second round after ringside doctors advised referee Herb Dean that Smith could suffer permanent damage and possibly lose her ear. Smith angrily protested by yelling at the referee, but it was over and Eye enjoyed the victory due to injury TKO. Jessica is such an absolute fucking warrior that she’s mad that she can’t fight anymore with her ear hanging off her head. Meanwhile I’d be looking to the ref to call the fight if I had a small scratch on my elbow.

Try enjoying your breakfast after watching this grisly video.