MMA Fighter Kicks His Opponent In The Knee And Breaks His Own Leg, So Let’s All Watch That In Slow-Mo



Is there anything that’ll wake you up more quickly than watching a man kick another man in the knee and seeing his leg snap in two during the process? I was actually having a little trouble getting up to speed this morning until I happened across this video from the (MMA) M-1 Challenge 61 in Russia that took place last weekend. In the match below we’ve got fighters Ante Delija and Marcin Tybura, and together they combine for a whopping FOUR healthy (and working) legs. By the end of the match that tally has changed, and there are only three working legs.

Watch in slow-mo as Ante Delija kicks Tybura in the leg, hitting him in the knee, which then causes his own leg to snap and half. He of course doesn’t realize this until he tries to stand on his leg like a normal human being and his bone just completely gives out. This GIF (and that video above) are NOT for anyone with a weak stomach, but I’m guessing if you’ve made it this far by now then you’re here for a reason:

MMA, not even once. And for those of you wonder, he is making a swift recovery (after surgery):

Ante Delija had successfully completed the surgery on his shin and now is recovering.

Posted by Ante "Walking Trouble" Delija on Monday, September 21, 2015