Mo Bamba Delivers First Block As A Pro After Shutting Down Thirsty Girl On Instagram That Was Shooting Her Shot At Him

Last night during the NBA draft the Orlando Magic selected Texas center Mo Bamba with the sixth pick. Bamba, who has an insane wingspan, is expected to be a dominant force defensively in the paint.


`Mo,’ as he has been affectionately nicknamed by teammates and those close to him, had his wingspan measured at 7-foot, 10 inches . Bamba’s reach is even more expansive than the 7-feet, 8 1/2-inch reach of Utah center Rudy Gobert.

As for his self-described “presence,’’ he said it means a variety of things that all center around his ability to change a game with his defensive abilities.

“It’s just about being an elite rim-protector,’’ he said. “One difference between me and any other prospect in this class is presence. If I’m plugged into the NBA right now – I don’t want to be cocky when I say this – but I feel I’d be one of the best rim protectors in the league as a rookie. It’s something that I’ve really tried to master early in my career and it’s only going to get better.’’

Bamba’s off-the-court defensive game seems to be solid as well because after last night’s draft Mo blocked a thirsty Instagram girl from trying to hit on him.

Via Paper Mario World on Twitter