A 44-Year-Old Mom Of Six Just CRUSHED The Beer Mile World Record

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Bros of the world, we’ve just been served by a 44-year-old mom.

Chris Kimbrough, a mom of SIX KIDS, took the beer mile challenge this past weekend. Four laps, four beers, run until you drop or finish. Kimbrough KILLED IT with a time of 6:28.6. The previous record was held by Seanna Robinson. Seanna ran it in 6:42.0 in 1997.

Kimbrough is pro though, both in running and drinking.

As the owner of several masters national championships and one of the best local runners of any age, Kimbrough knew she had the speed. She hasn’t done a lot of track racing, but she estimates that she could run about 5:00 in a beer-free mile right now. When she heard that she was being considered for inclusion in the beer mile field, she decided she had to see what she would be getting into.

What was meant to be a low-key testing of the waters turned into something much bigger.

“A friend of mine videotaped it,” Kimbrough told Runner’s World Newswire. “I didn’t want it to be a public thing [laughs], and then it ended up being a public thing. I really didn’t think I could do it. That’s a lot of beer in six minutes!”

I can’t even run a mile in seven minutes, let alone, chug four beers while doing it.

Let’s all enjoy Chris’s amazing feat with her.

If you’re curious about the current beer mile record for bros, here you go. Start training now.

H/T Runners World

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