Mo’ne Davis: Also Good at Basketball


America’s newest sweetheart Mo’ne Davis earned a Sports Illustrated cover by leading her team to the Little League World Series. But baseball isn’t even her favorite sport.

The 13-year-old has made it known she plans to play hoops at the only place to play women’s hoops: UConn.

And she just may do it, judging by her impressive skills.

Alright. It’s official. Homegirl is going to make lots of money one day. One doesn’t need to be Darren Rovell to know her earning potential is off the charts.

It must be pretty comforting to be a star in multiple sports and has options for your future. Most 13-year-olds are too busy sexting from a mall food court to plan their lives years in advance.

Now that the World Series is over, we will hear less about Davis. But here’s hoping she keeps embarrassing the boys.

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