More Disturbing Details Emerge Regarding Allegations Against Conor McGregor

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On Thursday, Conor McGregor was accused of “violently” assaulting a woman following Game 4 of the NBA Finals at the Kaseya Center in Miami.

The woman accused McGregor of raping her just after the game was completed. She claims that McGregor and Miami Heat security locked her in a men’s bathroom where he “shoved his tongue in the victim’s mouth and aggressively kissed her.”

McGregor allegedly also forced her to perform oral sex on him before attempting to sodomize her.

Reps for Conor McGregor say the allegations are false.

Earlier reports made no mention of the woman going to police over the alleged incident, however, a new report by says McGregor’s accuser has gone to the police department to file a report.

According to, the woman’s attorney said she did go to police on Sunday to report the incident, but was turned away and advised to hire legal help.

Now, a letter to McGregor’s team outlining the woman’s accusations has been made public.

“After the game, and after Mr. McGregor sent the Miami Heat mascot Burnie to the hospital, Mr. McGregor elevated his aggressive, unprovoked, and outrageous behavior by violently sexually assaulting and battering this firm’s client in the men’s bathroom of the Kaseya Center,” the letter claims.

“Mr. McGregor, aided and abetted by the NBA and Miami Heat Kaseya security, had the victim physically forced via security into the men’s bathroom, separating her from her friend and trapping her inside with Mr. McGregor and his security guard.

“Once isolated and trapped in the VIP men’s bathroom at the Kaseya Center, security refused to let her exit or allow anyone else, including her friend, inside the bathroom.

“Mr. McGregor then appeared from inside the handicapped stall and shoved his tongue in the victim’s mouth and aggressively kissed her.”

When the woman told McGregor that she had to use the bathroom, she says he allegedly “pulled out his p**** and shoved it down the throat of the victim.”

She also claims that he “spat on her and on himself” in an attempt to get himself “hard.”

“Fortunately, Mr. McGregor’s p**** was too limp for complete penetration, and the victim continuously elbowed Mr. McGregor and finally escaped,” the letter continues.

letter conor mcgregor assault allegations lawyer

Attorney Ariel Mitchell

letter conor mcgregor assault allegations lawyer

Attorney Ariel Mitchell

The woman’s attorney says she has turned over the clothing she was wearing that night to police and that the items have McGregor’s DNA in the form of saliva and “pre-ejaculation” on it.

In response to the allegations, the UFC issued a statement which said, “The organization is aware of the recent allegations regarding Conor McGregor and will continue to gather additional details regarding the incident,” adding, “UFC will allow the legal process to play out before making any additional statements.”

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