These 25 Schools Have The Most College Football Player Arrests Over The Past 5 Years And Shockingly FSU Isn’t #1

by 4 years ago

If you were to poll on which schools have the most college football player arrests people based strictly upon media coverage the rankings would go: 1. FSU, 2. FSU, 3. FSU, 4. FSU, 5. FSU, etc etc etc. The Seminoles have dominated the college football player arrests coverage over the past two years. So don’t be shocked when you see this actual school rankings of the most college football players arrested over the past 5 years and FSU is tied for 10th (Wooo!!! Top 10!!!). The school coming in at #1 on this list is certainly not a school anyone would expect, at least not anyone who isn’t intimately with the team represented by the Butch T. Cougar mascot.

Unsurprisingly, the University of Florida is ranked #2. As ESPN’s Outside the Lines unearthed earlier this Summer, the Gators have completely dominated all colleges over the past decade when it comes to athlete arrests. Furthermore, the SEC accounts for 6 of the top 10 schools for college football player arrests (7 of the top 12, and 9 of the top 15).

Notable winning programs absent from this list (presumably meaning they keep their players in line): Ohio State, Oregon, USC, and Michigan State.

The number of arrests from #12 through #2 are pretty close, so it’s not really fair to say that any of those schools are particularly worse than the others. It is quite shocking though to see 9 of the top 15 schools are SEC Football programs, considering the spotlight is only cast on them for football and not behavioral problems.


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