Map Based On Twitter Data Shows LeBron James Is Overwhelmingly The Most Hated Player In The NBA

lebron james most hated nba player

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  • A new map shows that LeBron James is the most hated player in the NBA by a longshot.
  • James topping the list of the most hated players in the league isn’t a shock, but the data certainly is interesting.
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In case you haven’t noticed, people have strong opinions about LeBron James. Just like every other great athlete in history, there’s no real middle ground when it comes to LBJ, you either love him or hate him.

If you’re one of the best to ever pick up a basketball then you’re going to have your fair share of haters, that’s just how it is, and a new map shows that James has more than his fair share of haters all over the United States.

The latest map out of Sports Insider is based on geotagged Twitter data over the last month, with over 70,000 tweets, hashtags, and direct keyword phrases about disliking NBA players in each state tracked. Tweets containing phrases such as “I hate Lebron” were searched and noted.

According to the findings, James is the most hated player in the NBA in 24 different states. Kyrie Irving and James Harden were among the other most hated players in the league. Here’s the breakdown:

Overall only 6 players were consistently named:

Lebron James – 24 states
Kyrie Irving – 18 states
James Harden – 3 states
Kevin Durant – 3 states
Russell Westbrook – 1 state
Paul George – 1 state


There aren’t too many surprises on the map, but it’s always interesting to see where Alaska and Hawaii lean in these sorts of topics. Apparently, LeBron isn’t the most liked guy in Alaska while Hawaii isn’t full of Irving fans. Another unique note is Kevin Durant being the most hated player in Ohio and not Irving.

Congratulations to Paul George for making the list of most hated players with Arizona giving their nod to the Clipper.