These Are The Most Popular Football Teams Over The Past Two Months, Based On Apparel Sales

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We’re over a month into the College Football and NFL seasons (and H.S. football). There are countless ways you can take the pulse of popularity. You can look at fans/likes on social media, mentions on social media, ticket sales, or you can look at apparel sales.

Retail giant Walmart tracked data for the past two months on the most popular sports teams apparel sold and they compiled the top 10 most popular teams for the NFL, College Football, and in H.S. sports to see which teams’ gear is flying off the shelves (h/t @darrenrovell):

[protected-iframe id=”bafe5c4015496b1c3f086c37af2eed08-97886205-55047561″ info=”” height=”458″ class=”apester-media”]

The only thing I’m surprised about here is how there isn’t a single College Football team from the state of Florida in the top 10. Miami’s off to one of their hottest starts in years, why aren’t fans from south Florida buying up gear to show their pride?

I get why UF/FSU aren’t moving products, both teams are playing like hot garbage right now. But USF has one of the most electric players in the nation in Quinton Flowers, a QB deserving of Heisman praise. Why aren’t the USF fans coming out to support their team?