Dallas Cowboys Named Most Valuable NFL Franchise For 15th Straight Year On List Of 2021’s Most Valuable Teams

most valuable NFL teams 2021 Dallas Cowboys

Getty Image / Tom Pennington

  • The Dallas Cowboys have been ranked the Most Valuable NFL Team for the 15th year in a row on Forbes’ annual list
  • The Cowboys are the most valuable team in any sport with an insane valuation of $6.5 Billion while other NFL teams saw their valuations soar this past year
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Once again, the Dallas Cowboys have been named the most valuable NFL team in the world. If that sounds familiar, it’s because the Cowboys have been named the NFL’s most valuable team for fifteen years in a row by Forbes in their annual list.

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys saw the team’s valuation soar 14% last year. They are now estimated to be worth $6.5 billion. That’s a full $1.5 billion more than the 2nd most valuable NFL team, the New England Patriots at $5 billion.

Some teams saw their valuations go up astronomically over the past year. The Rams and Washington Football Team went up 20%. And my Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the biggest movers with a valuation that went up 29% after winning the Super Bowl with Tom Brady. The Bucs are now estimated to be worth $2.94 billion and rank 21st amongst all NFL teams.

Forbes lists the Buffalo Bills as the ‘least’ valuable NFL team of 2021. I put ‘least’ in quotes here because the Bills are still worth an astounding $2.27 billion and their valuation went up 11% last year.

Most Valuable NFL Teams looks for 2021

  1. Dallas Cowboys – $6.5 billion
  2. New England Patriots – $5 billion
  3. New York Giants – $4.85 billion
  4. Los Angeles Rams – $4.8 billion
  5. Washington Football Team – $4.2 billion
  6. San Francisco 49ers – $4.175 billion
  7. Chicago Bears – $4.075 billion
  8. New York Jets – $4.05 billion
  9. Philadelphia Eagles – $3.8 billion
  10. Denver Broncos – $3.75 billion
  11. Houston Texans – $3.7 billion
  12. Seattle Seahawks – $3.5 billion
  13. Green Bay Packers – $3.475 billion
  14. Pittsburgh Steelers – $3.43 billion
  15. Miami Dolphins – $3.42 billion
  16. Las Vegas Raiders – $3.415 billion
  17. Baltimore Ravens – $3.4 billion
  18. Minnesota Vikings – $3.35 billion
  19. Indianapolis Colts – $3.25 billion
  20. Atlanta Falcons – $3.2 billion
  21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – $2.94 billion
  22. Kansas City Chiefs – $2.93 billion
  23. Los Angeles Chargers – $2.92 billion
  24. Carolina Panthers – $2.91 billion
  25. New Orleans Saints – $2.825 billion
  26. Jacksonville Jaguars – $2.8 billion
  27. Arizona Cardinals – $2.65 billion
  28. Tennessee Titans – $2.625 billion
  29. Cleveland Browns – $2.6 billion
  30. Detroit Lions – $2.4 billion
  31. Cincinnati Bengals – $2.275 billion
  32. Buffalo Bills – $2.27 billion

Seeing the New York Jets in the top 10 blows my mind. I lived in NYC for nearly a decade. I’m fully aware at how diehard the fanbase is. But the Jets have been exceedingly mediocre for such a long time it makes no sense to me that they’d be one of the NFL’s most valuable teams. Yes, they have millions of diehard fans but are those fans pumping $$$$ into the team buying new merch every year? And the Jets don’t even own their own stadium!

Taking a step back and looking at some trends here, the NFC South has nowhere to go but up. That division is home to the 20th, 21st, 24th, and 25th most valuable NFL teams. And one of those teams just won the Super Bowl AT HOME.

If you want to see the methodology Forbes uses for their annual list and how each team’s valuation + operating income is determined, you can click here to see the full article on Forbes.