These Were The 10 Most Watched College Football Games This Season — How Many Did You Watch?

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Auburn v Alabama

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The SEC is again the champion of college football — on TV. The conference and its CBS games were the most watched college football television package in 2014.

According to Fox Sports, “the SEC represented six of the ten most watched games this year — Alabama was in five of the six games — and Florida State was in the other four games, all airing on ABC in primetime. The Big 12, Pac 12, and Big Ten had no teams or games finish among the ten most watched of the season.”

In other words, the nation would rather watch SEC football than any other combination of conference or teams on any other channel. It almost doesn’t matter the match-up in the other conferences, people prefer vegging out to an SEC tilt.

But what were the single biggest match-ups of the season, rating wise? Glad you asked. If you didn’t, this whole post would have been pointless. Here are the ten biggest games of the year according to Fox Sports.

#1 Auburn at Alabama (13.5 million views; 11/30/14) ESPN
#2 Notre Dame at Florida State (13.25 million viewers; 10/18/14) ABC
#3 Alabama vs. Missouri (12.8 million viewers; 12/6/14; SEC Championship) CBS
#4 Mississippi State at Alabama (10.3 million viewers; 11/15/14) CBS
#5 FSU vs. Georgia Tech 10.1 million views; 12/6/14; ACC title game) ABC
#6 Alabama at LSU (9.2 million viewers; 11/8/14) CBS
#7 FSU at Miami (8.74 million viewers 11/15/14) ABC
#8 Clemson at FSU (8.1 million viewers 9/20/14) ABC
#9 Florida at Alabama (8.0 million viewers; 9/20/14) CBS
#10 Texas A&M at Auburn (7.2 million viewers; 11/8/14) CBS

Now, prove your fandom, or whatever word you want to use to brag about how much college football you ingest — how many of these games did you watch?

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