Bro Wears A GoPro During A Mountain Biking Race And This Will Wake You Up Faster Than Coffee

If you’re having trouble getting up to speed today I’ve got just what the doctor ordered. This bro strapped a GoPro to his helmet during a Mountain Biking downhill race last weekend and this is some of the most intense cycling related footage you’re ever going to see.

The ride was able to bomb through the entire course in just 4 minutes and 44 seconds. In the video’s description, he claims that it was his first race in 10 years and that his rear shock blew out the day before the race because of some shenanigans. The rear shock absorbs a TON of the bumps as you blast down the mountain. Without that shock intact to cushion the force, this rider was treated to the ride of his life.

I haven’t had the chance to do any mountain biking yet this Summer because I’ve spent most of it down here in Florida, which is the flattest place on the planet. I’m hoping to get some rides in later this Summer when I head up North for a while, and watching this video reminded me that it’s time to check the gear to make sure it’s all still working. (via John DotCom YouTube)