Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Posted An Amazing, Heartfelt Tribute To Muhammad Ali

It’s been a sad twenty-four hours with the passing of The Champ, Muhammad Ali. We are now seeing so many friends of Ali put out tributes and In Memoriam’s, but one that sticks out is from one of Ali’s close friends, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:

Jabbar saw Ali as a “close friend and mentor” and chose some beautiful words to exit The Champ:

I may be 7’2″ but I never felt taller than when standing in his shadow. Today we bow our heads at the loss of a man who did so much for America. Tomorrow we will raise our heads again remembering that his bravery, his outspokenness, and his sacrifice for the sake of his community and country lives on in the best part of each of us.

Be sure to click through to read the entire Facebook post. It is definitely worth it.

[H/T Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Facebook]