Myles Garrett Responds To The NFL Not Finding Evidence Of Mason Rudolph Using Racial Slur ‘I Know What I Heard’

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Myles Garrett is standing by his accusations against Mason Rudolph.

On Thursday afternoon it was reported that Garrett had told Mason Rudolph had used a racial slur before their brawl on Thursday night football.

Rudolph’s lawyers strongly denied Garrett’s allegations and called them an outright lie on Twitter.

The NFL denied Garrett’s appeal and issued a statement saying they did not find any evidence that Rudolph used a racial slur on the field.

Garrett would take to Twitter to claim that he was assured that his accusations at the hearing weren’t going to be made public but he insists that Rudolph did call him a racial slur during the game.

According to an online report NFL films did not mic up anyplyers during the Bronws-Steelers game which means we may never get a definite answer on whether Rudolph uttered the racial slur.

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