Myles Garrett Posts Thirst Trap On Instagram, Immediately Gets Selected For Random NFL Drug Test

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Browns defensive end Myles Garrett stands 6-foot-4, 271 pounds of pure muscle. The 26-year-old is absolutely jacked.

Because he is so huge, the NFL often calls him in for random drug screenings and Garrett is starting to think that it’s not a coincidence. Take Wednesday for example.

On Tuesday, Garrett posted a thirst trap Instagram from his photoshoot with Vogue. He was shirtless.

Less than 24 hours later, he got a text from somebody on behalf of the NFL. He was selected for a random PES test that needed to be completed on Thursday morning.

After not replying right away, two hours later, he got a second text that was not as kind. He was told that he needs to partake in a mandatory off-season NFL Performance Enhancing Substance test and that the collector was unable to contact him.

Typically, Garrett may not think twice about the coincidence, because it might have been exactly that. It still could be.

But he doesn’t think so.

Garrett has been randomly drug tested quite a few times in 2021 and seems to think that it has to do with him showing off how ripped he is. The first random drug test came in early October, right after he had gone sleeveless during a game.

Not long thereafter, he went sleeveless again. Sure enough, the NFL asked him for an HGH blood draw, and Garrett vowed to never go sleeveless again.

Not long thereafter, they followed back up asking for a PES test. Garrett joked that the league was trying to clone him.

Clearly, the timing of Garrett’s tests are suspicious. And he isn’t the only one raising questions.

Odell Beckham Jr. brought up the theory earlier this year.

Regardless of whether the conspiracies are true or not, Garrett and Beckham are, at the very least, suspicious of what’s going on. Neither of them seem to believe that it’s purely incidental.