Naturally, a Minor League Team Is Having a Gun Raffle on “Second Amendment Night”

Via Sports Grid

Minor League baseball has outdone itself this time. The Huntsville Stars (which sounds like a Skynard tribute band) of the Southern League (nevermind, THAT’S the Skynard tribute band) are running a “Show your NRA card and get into the ballpark FOR FREE” promotion on 2nd Amendment night, July 3rd. Can’t say it isn’t a brilliant move for a Double-A team in Huntsville, AL (considering once you’re inside, you’ll be expected to spend a bunch of money on hotdogs and beer and crossiants). Perhaps an affront to decency…but a brilliant strategy nonetheless.


Don't worry, there is a catch. The random human who wins a gun won't receive it at the game. S'only a reedemable coupon. 

[H/T: Sports Grid]

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