Navy Vet Surprised With Super Bowl Ticket + Stack Of Cash Has The Most Heartwarming Response

Chiefs fans Super Bowl

Getty Image / Kyle Rivas

Good things happen to good people, sometimes. A 21.5-year US Navy veteran was stopped on the street by TikTok star Zachery Dereniowski and his life was changed.

Zach approached this man in a parking lot and left him in tears. He started talking to him about football by offering to sell him a football for $1. The Navy vet said he would if he had the money and that conversation led to talk about the NFL.

From there, the man was surprised with a big stack of cash. Most of which he revealed would be given to his mother who could really use it. Then he was gifted a ticket to the actual Super Bowl. It was the gift of a lifetime for this man and his earnest reaction makes it an instant hit.

That video has already been viewed over over 14 million times in less than 24 hours on TikTok. It went viral so fast that Patrick Mahomes even shared it a few minutes ago:

The fact that it shows him at the game having the time of his life is really what makes this video perfect. Cynics (in the comments) are questioning if was staged. I’ll choose to believe it was real.