NBA Bettors Are Pissed About A Stat Correction Taking Away Ja Morant’s Triple-Double Against The Trailblazers

Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant

Getty Image / Justin Ford

Heading into last night’s game between the Memphis Grizzlies and Portland Trailblazers, Ja Morant was on an absolute tear.

Morant had put together triple-doubles in each of the team’s previous two games, scoring 27 points in both games and even racking up 15 assists in one.

With how well Ja had been playing, many NBA bettors believed he would continue the streak against the Blazers.

In the 3rd quarter, it looked like they were right. With plenty of time remaining on the clock in the quarter, Morant appeared to have grabbed his 10th rebound to secure the triple-double.

The NBA even tweeted about Morant’s triple-double during the game.

Unfortunately for anybody who bet on Morant to get the triple-double, that success was short-lived.

Morant bettors, who could have gotten the line as high as +850 on DraftKings Sportsbook, later learned that their bet hadn’t actually cashed.

It seems that at some point during the game, Morant actually had one of those rebounds taken away by a stat correction.

Morant was unable to grab another rebound at any point in the 4th quarter, leaving him just a board short of a third consecutive triple-double and a big win for these bettors.

Fans are not happy about the stat correction that changed what looked like a winning bet into a disappointment.

NBA bettors are pissed about the Ja Morant stat change