An NBA Bettor Will Win $4 Million If The Lakers Win The Championship

A Los Angeles Lakers logo at midcourt.

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The Los Angeles Lakers are looking to win their first NBA title since 2020, and one bettor is hoping to see it happen. This basketball gambler has placed a number of wagers on LA, and should they win it all, he’ll walk away with $4 million.

The Lakers are currently playing in the Western Conference Finals, falling into an early deficit with a loss to the Nuggets in the series opener. If they can overcome that disadvantage it will make this person very happy.

This bettor has reportedly thrown $30,000 worth of NBA championship bets on Los Angeles. He’s also put another $25,000 on the Lakers to win the West.

In all, the $55,000 is spread out over 146 different future bets.

The Lakers entered the season with +1400 odds of winning it all. Those chances only grew longer following a slow start to the regular season.

At one point in the year, you could’ve nabbed Los Angeles at 150/1. Now, they’re one of the last four teams remaining in the playoffs.

Basketball fans on social media have been quick to comment. Many still don’t think this NBA bettor stands a chance.

One person asked, “So he has about 146 worthless tickets in his possession?”

Someone else said, “146 pieces of trash.”

Others, however, want to see a win.

“Everybody should be rooting for the Lakers,” this follower commented.

Game 2 if off to a good start for the bettor as Los Angeles leads the Nuggets by five points at the halftime break. We’ll see if they’re able to even up the series and give this gambler a chance at the $4 million payout.