Insane NBA Fan Places A Jaw-Dropping, Massive Bet On The Sacramento Kings To Win The NBA Championship

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The Sacramento Kings were really bad in the 2021-22 NBA season. In fact, the Kings have been really bad for a really, really long time. Sacramento went 30-52 a year to extend its streak of seasons without making the playoffs to 16.

That’s the longest in the NBA right now and actually the longest such streak in history. At 16 seasons, the Kings eclipsed the LA Clippers’ 15-year playoff drought from 1977-1992.

So why, you ask, would anyone think the Kings could not only make the playoffs, but also win the NBA Championship. Well, one NBA bettor has faith.

Please, pleeeeaaaseeee stop using your hard-earned money to bet on teams that have absolutely no chance of actually winning. We wrote last month about a football fan who bet on the New York Jets to win the Super Bowl. That also is not going to happen. All that’s happened since is that the Jets have been plunged into absolute chaos by starting quarterback Zach Wilson.

Crazy bets can sometimes pay off. That’s why we gamble, and especially if you’re the guy who keeps predicting every major sports champion. But that doesn’t mean the Jets are winning the Super Bowl, and it certainly doesn’t mean the Sacramento Kings are winning the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

And look, the Kings have gotten better. There’s plenty of reason for excitement. They hired Mike Brown away from Golden State. They have one of the top pick-and-roll duos in the league according to Brown. Rookie Keegan Murray had a great NBA Summer League showing that has fans dreaming big.

Sacramento could certainly resemble something similar to an NBA team this year. And that hasn’t always been the case! But the Kings aren’t winning the NBA Championship, and this fan should invest his money elsewhere.