New Sacramento Kings Coach Mike Brown Is Getting Roasted To A Crisp Over A Comment About His Team’s Top Players

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  • Mike Brown was recently named the new head coach of the Sacramento Kings.
  • At Brown’s introductory press conference on Tuesday, he called Kings duo De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis one of the best in the NBA.
  • Basketball fans had a different opinion, and absolutely torched Brown for the comment.

Mike Brown has been around the block in the few times in the NBA.

The 2009 NBA Coach of the Year is also a four-time champion as an assistant coach. He was recently named the head coach of the Sacramento Kings after serving seven years as an assistant under Steve Kerr in Golden State.

In his introductory press conference, Brown made one of the craziest assertions you’ll ever see about Kings duo De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis.

Brown must already be drinking the same stuff Kings owner Vivek Ranadive has been years. Fox and Sabonis are very good, All-Star caliber players. But a top-three duo in the NBA? They’re not in a top-three duo in the state of California.

We get it. As a new coach you have to get on the side of your players and look excited to coach them. But this, this is a step beyond. Nobody is making Mike Brown go out there and start talking crazy.

And because basketball Twitter doesn’t miss a thing, Brown is getting rightfully scorched over his take.

It’s not too late for Brown to opt out. I’m sure he could find another nice assistant coaching gig elsewhere. But if he sticks with the Kings, he’s probably going to have a bad time.