NBA Fans Still Haven’t Forgiven JR Smith Four Years After Infamous Blunder

NBA Fans Still Haven't Forgiven J.R. Smith For All-Time Blunder

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  • It is the four-year anniversary of JR Smith’s infamous NBA Finals blunder.
  • NBA fans still haven’t forgiven Smith for the costly mistake in Game 1 against the Warriors.
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The 2022 NBA Finals are set and the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics are going to duel it out. However, fans have a few days to wait and quickly remembered that May 31 is the anniversary of the infamous gaffe by JR Smith.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Warriors faced off in the 2018 NBA Finals as LeBron James aimed to bring Cleveland an NBA title. However, Smith made the biggest mistake of his life with a blunder that will live on forever.

Let’s relive that moment in sports history.

Yeah, there still isn’t a way to justify this play by Smith.

The NBA world relives and reacts to the infamous JR Smith blunder

Even four years later, fans are still mocking Smith for this play — and rightfully so.

On the other hand, some fans actually didn’t blame him then and still are holding true to that sentiment.

Surely the blame can go around to others on the team. Nonetheless, Smith will need to live with this all-time blunder for the rest of his life, and LeBron and company must have serious flashbacks of this night.

Remember one thing: The Warriors swept the Cavaliers in four games, and if Game 1 would’ve gone to Cleveland, things just might have been different.