Fans Blast NBA Players For Reportedly Complaining About ‘Disparity In Hotel Quality’ In Orlando For Season Restart

All signs are pointing to the NBA season restarting in Orlando some time in the near future but players and owners still have a lot of logistical things they have to figure out.

According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando is the “clear frontrunner” to become the NBA’s playing site whenever the season restarts due to the fact that there are several sports complexes in a central area near hotels.

Via The Athletic

Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort is the clear frontrunner to become the NBA’s playing site to resume the 2019-20 season amid the coronavirus pandemic, sources told The Athletic.

Orlando is on track to win its bid so long as final details regarding testing and hotel use are resolved. For the NBA, Orlando/Disney World’s controllability as a playing site — with a private property having the necessary complexes, hotels and amenities — has been the most appealing of all the possibilities all along.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like all players are happy about Orlando getting picked because there could be a ‘huge disparity in hotel quality” between teams.

Fans blasted players for griping about hotel quality in Orlando and gave their own solutions to the problem.

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