NBA Launches Investigation On Ref Eric Lewis Over Alleged Burner Account

NBA referee Eric Lewis

Getty Image / Chris Coduto

Several days ago, a random Twitter account that has since been deleted, was being accused of being operated by longtime NBA referee Eric Lewis.

The account went on a rant defending Lewis, as well as multiple other referees within the league.

LakeShowYo, a popular fan account for the Los Angeles Lakers shared a quick video showcasing the tweets in question from an account named “blair cuttliff.”

At first, it seemed to be a funny topic that went viral on social media. Especially considering, why would a random person work so hard to defend referees?

However, on Sunday, it seems there might be some legitimacy within the accusations.

According to ESPN, “The NBA has opened an investigation into longtime referee Eric Lewis involving a Twitter account that responded to numerous posts on league officiating and defended Lewis and other NBA referees.”

The reason why the league is investigating this situation is due to the rule that disallows referees from “commenting on officiating publicly without authorization,” per ESPN.

If the allegations hold true, then Lewis would face some sort of discipline.

The league is likely to spend a decent amount of time on this situation. Especially considering it involves one of the NBA’s longest tenured referees in Eric Lewis.

He’s been a referee for the league for 19 seasons. He’s also regarded as one of the more efficient referees in the league.

So, it would be a bit of a shock if these allegations hold true.

With that said, keep an eye out for more updates regarding this issue. The league is sure to announce its findings in the coming weeks.