NBA Players Are Reportedly Bringing In ‘Hot Massage Therapists’ As A Workaround To Strict Disney Bubble Guest Rules

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Stephen A. Smith is a prophet.

Before the NBA resumed play in Orlando, Stephen A. said that players were going to find creative ways to either sneak women inside the bubble or they were going to get out because they were going to be in desperate need of “recreational activities.”

Do we really think that the “recreational activities” are what these guys are accustomed to are going to be compromised for three months? I mean, somebody’s got to say it. You really think people are going to be without their wives or their woman?

The issue is you’re in Orlando and for the first month you got to be alone…I’m saying three weeks is a struggle.

I’m telling you they’re going to violate the bubble, you can book it.

During an appearance on The Athletic’s NBA show podcast, NBA insider Marcus Thompson says the lack of sex is becoming an issue for players due to the fact that girlfriends and wives aren’t allowed inside the bubble until after the first round of the playoffs. According to Thompson, the players have figured out a workaround by bringing in “hot massage therapists” into the bubble.

Via The Athletic NBA Show

From what I was told people are already working around it. You can’t have family but you can have a trainer or a massage therapist. So what I’ve been told is that there have been some pretty hot massage therapists come though. There’s a couple trainers who you know, they’re a backdoor is what I’m saying.”

Technically these players aren’t breaking the rules because the NBA’s guidelines allow for them to bring in their personal massage therapists. Genius.

h/t Total Pro Sports