NBA’s James Johnson Believes He Could Beat UFC’s Jon Jones In MMA With One Year Of Training

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NBA vet and Karate black belt James Johnson is confident he could beat UFC champ Jon Jones in a MMA match.

Throughout the years, Johnson has claimed that he’s undefeated in kickboxing and MMA despite no footage of his matches existing online .


Johnson has a perfect 20-0 record in his kick-boxing matches, including a perfect 7-0 in mixed martial arts (MMA) matches, so his resume as a tough dude isn’t questioned.

During a recent podcast appearance, Johnson said that he believes  that he could beat Jon Jones with a year’s worth of ground training.

“I could beat him for real, with a year of training defense, ground defense. I just need ground defense”

“He started learning how to use your hands and your feet, what? After college? I’ve been punching and kicking since I was five, six years old.

“The same thing for me is the opposite for him, he’s been wrestling for that long”…”He has big advantage there because no one wants to get on the floor as long as I can keep him off the floor, I win.”

Jones has seen Johnson’s comments and this is how he reacted.

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