Ridiculous NCAA Tournament Futures Bet Could Turn A $200 Wager Into A $100K Payout

A basketball rests next to money and betting slips.


One college basketball bettor could cash in on a ridiculous futures bet placed before the start of the NCAA Tournament. The gambler put $200 on Florida Atlantic to win the national championship.

Now, the Owls are just two games shy of making that prediction come true. Should it come to fruition, this basketball fan will likely be an FAU supporter for life.

The Owls are part of a historic Final Four field that is the first not to boast a No. 1, No. 2, or No. 3 seed. In a season of unpredictability, we end with a four seed, two five seeds, and a nine seed battling it out for college basketball’s crown.

While it may not be good for business at the box office, it’s made for must-see TV.

Brackets were busted early and often this year as teams pulled off upset after upset. Furman kicked things off with an opening day buzzer beater to take down Virginia. Fairleigh Dickinson continued the trend by becoming just the second 16 seed to knock off a No. 1 in Purdue.

These unlikely wins have kept coming as we now enter the final weekend of NCAA Tournament play.

The result is a Final Four that consists of UCONN, Miami, Florida Atlantic, and San Diego State. Of the four programs, only Connecticut has been to a Final Four before.

Had you successfully picked that combination at the start of March Madness, you’d be looking at a ridiculous $4.4M payout. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to see someone stake the claim.

But while those Final Four predictions might be dead in the water, this Florida Atlantic futures bet is still alive and well.

A bettor placed $200 on the Owls at the start of March Madness. With odds sitting at +50000, the return would be a win worth over $100K.

This should make us all FAU fans for the remainder of the NCAA Tournament. I know I’ll be rooting on the Owls if for nothing other than this bet.