Nearly Two Dozen Arrested In NCAA Tournament Gambling Sting Because Betting On March Madness Is Illegal, People

Because people gambling on March Madness and the NCAA Tournament should obviously be a TOP priority for police, 23 people were arrested in a gambling sting in Alpharetta, Georgia on Monday night.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Alpharetta police spokesman George Gordon said officers and detectives from Milton, Roswell and Johns Creek also took part in the 9 p.m. “surprise raid” on Pepperoni’s Tavern on Old Milton Parkway.

“Alpharetta authorities had previously gathered intelligence regarding the planned operation of a large gambling event,” Gordon said in an email.

“Tonight, authorities moved against the gambling operation and detained approximately 65 people,” Gordon said, adding that police found “a large gambling operation in progress based upon the NCAA basketball tournament.”

Gordon said 23 of those detained were charged with illegal gambling, and the others were interviewed and released, but could face future charges.

Thank goodness the police were there, obviously many, MANY police considering there were 65 people detained, to stop people from doing exactly what millions and millions of people (and the President) are going to do whether this bust was made or not.

Oh, the police also confiscated several handguns? Well, okay, then maybe it was worth it. Yeahhh, nope.

Bracket image by Shutterstock