Nebraska Fans Are Laughing At Deion Sanders’ Warning To His Critics

deion sanders spring game - nebraska fans warning

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New Colorado Buffaloes head football coach Deion Sanders has faced a lot of criticism since leaving Jackson State for the Pac 12 Conference.

Sanders’ roster building tactics so far in his first year at the University of Colorado, for one thing, has upset a lot of people, including players’ parents and other college coaches.

Many folks believe that Sanders, who has turned over more than 75 percent of its roster from 2022 using the transfer portal and other means, is a future disaster in the making.

Naturally, Coach Prime is having none of that.

Case in point: Deion Sanders recently sent a warning message to college football that sounded very familiar to many Nebraska football fans, giving them great joy.

“They [his critics] just want to take a shot at me, and I’m good with that … this is their opportunity to take a shot. But they better shoot now, because in a moment you’re not going to be able to shoot,” Sanders told Joel Klatt this week.

So why would Deion Sanders sending his critics a message like that make Nebraska fans chuckle?

Because it sounds an awful lot like this…

That was Scott Frost in July of 2018 before his first season taking over a 4-8 Huskers team.

Frost’s records as Nebraska’s head football coach in his tenure there? 4–8, 5-7, 3-5, 3-9, and 1-2 for a grand total of 16–31 (a .340 winning percentage).

The similarity in Sanders’ quote to Frost’s not go unnoticed by Cornhuskers fans.

“Sounds like Scott frost. Close to same resume as well except Frosty had much more P5/FBS experience,” another fan tweeted.

“Husker fans does this over confidence sound familiar?” tweeted another Nebraska fan. “Learn from history or be doomed to repeat it.”

Nebraska and Colorado face one another on Sept. 9. Should be fun, especially on Twitter, regardless of the outcome.