Prominent Head Coach Speaks Out On Deion Sanders’ Transfer Portal Criticism

Deion Sanders watches on at the Colorado spring game.

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Deion Sanders continues to receive criticism for his transfer portal strategy. Both players and parents have called the new Colorado coach out following a mass exodus of Buffalo team members.

A prominent FBS head coach is now lending his opinion on the situation. Jim Mora gave his thoughts in a series of social media posts.

The Buffaloes have seen more than 60 players leave the program since Coach Prime took over in 2022. That includes 40+ players that have entered the transfer portal, including about two dozen since the start of this week.

The mass exodus was somewhat expected given Sanders’ “Louis Vuitton” comments upon taking the job, but the huge number still comes as a bit of a shock to most around college football.

What’s been more shocking, though, are recent accusations from former players and their parents.

Former Buffs have called the coach out for not allowing them to access their practice video film for potential suitors, likely limiting their transfer options.

Many around the football world began to question whether or not this was common practice. Those that say, “yes,” believe it has more to do with Deion Sanders not wanting to hand out practice film to his competitors.

Those that say, “no,” think he’s being spiteful.

Jim Mora gave his opinion on the situation this week, filling followers in on how he runs his program at UCONN. In a series of social media posts directed at former NFL DB Ryan Clark, he attempted to clarify the situation.

Any coach that won’t allow a transfer to access film is operating from a place of complete paranoia,” one tweet began. “You really believe an opponent can gather info from random clips? Part of the job of a COLLEGE Coach is to advocate for your student-athletes…current and past!”

He’d go on to note that he does not withhold film from his transfers at UCONN, before saying that he doesn’t think Coach Prime is actually keeping players from accessing their highlights, either.

To be clear, I doubt that Deion Sanders is keeping transfers from accessing film, that’s not the man I know. Sounds like some false narrative.”

The comments do shed light on what the typical practice is, but it really gets us no closer to figuring out what’s going on with the situation in Boulder.