Former Colorado Player Calls Out Deion Sanders For Trying To Limit His Transfer Options

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Deion Sanders promised to shake things up at the University of Colorado.

And boy has he ever done just that.

Sanders made it clear to Colorado’s players that he planned on churning over the roster.

“We got a few positions already taken care of, because I’m bringing my luggage with me — and it’s Louis [Vuitton],” Sanders said.Okay, it ain’t gonna be no more of the mess that these wonderful fans, the student body, and some of your parents have put up with…for probably two decades now.

“I’m comin’ and when I get here it’s gonna be changed. So I want y’all to get ready, to go ahead and jump in that portal, and do whatever you’re gonna get, because the more of you jump in, the more room we make, because we’re bringing in kids who are smart, say that, tough.”

But even the most ambitious plans couldn’t account for what’s going on in Boulder.

Sanders completely purged the 2022 Colorado roster. Of the 83 scholarship players from a year ago, 63 are going. Of those 63, over 40 have entered the transfer portal.

Some of that was planned. But Sanders has also seen some players walk that he probably didn’t account for.

Tight end Zach Courtney was a three-star prospect out of Texas in the class of 2022. Courtney redshirted as a true freshman and after practicing with Sanders’ squad in spring, opted to transfer.

But now that move may be a little bit harder than he first believed. That’s because Courtney claims that Sanders won’t allow him to send his practice tape from a year ago to interested coaches.

For the coaches who are trying to recruit me. I am sorry but I will not be able to get y’all my film from my practices last season since I am not allowed to have it because the head coach at CU won’t allow it. This is very unlucky and if you have any questions just text me,” Courtney said in a tweet.

Courtney clarified that the tweet was not intended as a shot at Sanders. But it is an odd decision. Colorado completely turned over it’s scheme and staff in the offseason.

So any tape from a year ago would be largely meaningless to opposing coaches. Fans were not happy with Sanders about the decision.

Love him or hate him, everyone seems to have an opinion on Coach Prime.