Nets Guard D’Angelo Russell Caught Trying To Sneak Weed Into Airport By Hiding It In Fake Arizona Iced Tea Can

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One day weed will be legal in all 52 states, unfortunately, that’s not the case and we’re forced to hide our ganja in fake Arizona Iced Tea cans like D’Angelo Russell tried to do this morning in New Jersey.

Via Newsday

ets All-Star point guard D’Angelo Russell was detained Wednesday at LaGuardia Airport when a search of his luggage by TSA personnel revealed that he was transporting a small amount of marijuana. A spokesperson for the New York Port Authority Police told Newsday Russell was issued a summons for possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana and released.

Russell then flew to Louisville, Kentucky, where he grew up and where his father still lives.

D-Lo should probably get a refund from the fake can company because their tactic to beat authorities clearly didn’t work.

D-Lo should also probably hire a fall guy to transport his weed around for him.

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