This Schedule Announcement Using Scenes From ‘The Office’ Gives Nevada Football It’s First ‘W’ Of 2019

Nevada Football Schedule Announcement Using Scenes From The Office


Over the past couple of weeks the internet has been flooded with 2019-2020 sports schedule announcements. The NBA has done it. So has the NHL. Even Major League Baseball has already released their 2020 schedule. (Which is ridiculous, but not more ridiculous than opening day taking place on March 26, the earliest date ever.)

As such, numerous sports teams have been releasing hype videos announcing who they will be playing in the upcoming season.

For example…

Pretty good, right?

Well, no sports team has created a better 2019 schedule announcement than the University of Nevada football program.

Why is their video the best? Two words: The Office.

Each game on their schedule is backed up with a classic scene from The Office loosely (sometimes very loosely) representative of the team they will be playing.

Some of these weren’t easy either. I mean, how long did it take Nevada football’s social media team to find a scene from The Office to represent the UTEP Miners?

I have to give them an A+ grade just for using Angela throwing her cat through the ceiling tile for their game versus Weber State Wildcats.

Reactions on Twitter to the video have been, well, what did you expect?

I think we can all agree that the University of Nevada just started their 2019 football season 1-0.