‘Never Say Die’ Video Profiling Jason Day’s Work Ethic Will Make You Wish You Sucked A Little Less At Life

Walk towards the fear.

Is that what separates great athletes, entrepreneurs, and outstanding people in general from the rest of us? I don’t know, I am none of the aforementioned things. But for those select few — THE GREATS — they see the fear, they acknowledge it, and instead of doing what is comfortable and safe, they plunge headfirst into that fear like some overachieving kamikaze son of a bitch from hell. They take that fear and they punch its head through its fucking shoes. They refuse to be crippled by what it takes to be great.

For Jason Day, it was walking towards the fear that helped him refuse to be a middle of the pack tour pro. It was walking towards the fear of being the best that made him the best player in the world (at least for one OFFICIAL week because the World Golf Rankings are so incredibly peculiar). Perhaps more than that, though, were the struggles throughout Day’s life that molded him into the workaholic he is today.

Whatever it was, we all wish we had a little more of that drive in ourselves. Or at least I know I do.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a 20 minute nap to absolutely crush.