Erin Andrews, Coach Prime Tease New Colorado Uniforms During NFL Game

Deion Sanders speaks to the media.

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The Colorado Buffaloes got a shoutout during an NFL game over the weekend with reporter Erin Andrews teasing the team’s new uniforms. She relayed a message from head coach Deion Sanders about what the Buffs plan to wear for their Week 1 matchup against TCU.

Those new getups will reportedly be pretty flashy. Andrews said there will be “gold like people have never seen before,” as well as an interesting accessory as players walk out of the tunnel.

The Buffs will kick off the 2023 campaign on Saturday after months of anticipation. All eyes have been on Boulder with Coach Prime taking over for his debut season in the PAC 12.

While he ruffled feathers upon taking the gig with his unprecedented approach to the transfer portal, he seems to have upgraded his roster in hopes of outperforming last year’s 1-11 output.

That hasn’t exactly led to an uptick in outside expectations, as many still view the program as one of the worst in the nation. Still, there are a few who are picking an upset in the season opener.

If the Buffs are able to pull out the win in Fort Worth, they’ll do so in style. On Sunday night, college football fans got a taste of what to expect in that first contest.

Erin Andrews teases new Colorado uniforms during NFL game.

“Look good, feel good, play good, right?” Andrews asked. “We talked about all the hype that’s surrounding Coach Prime. He wanted me to give a little preview of his outfits. All white unis versus TCU. Gold like people have never seen before. New Nike cleats. Every NFL player has been calling him and asking for them.”

Andrews then dropped an interesting tidbit about an accessory the Buffs will wear out of the tunnel.

“The players are going to be walking in wearing shades. They got a sunglasses deal… I said, ‘Coach, what’s the vibe coming into this one?’ He said, ‘We coming.'”

Colorado will certainly look the part in those new uniforms. We’ll see if they show improvement on the field.