The Internet Loses Its Mind After The Patriots Benefit From Questionable Referee Calls During Playoff Game Vs. Titans

The New England Patriots conspiracy theories are in full swing during tonight’s AFC divisional playoff game between the Patriots and the Titans.

First the refs called a false start on the Patriots on fourth down but then later decided it was actually a neutral zone infraction on the Titans but the replay showed that it was a pretty controversial call.

The Patriots went on to score a touchdown to put the game at 21-7 a few minutes later but that wasn’t the only time the Pats benefited from a questionable call tonight.

It seems like the refs missed out on a blatant face mask on a fourth down play by the Titans at the end of the second quarter where they came up short and had a turnover on downs.

The game has been pretty close but these calls by the refs have swung the pendulum in the Patriots favor and the Internet is fucking pissed.

I’m not sure if the refs are blatantly cheating for the refs but it is pretty funny that the for the past 20 years the Patriots seem to always to get the benefit of the doubt in almost every questionable call.

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