New Mexico State Hoops Shuts Down As New Allegations Come To Light

New Mexico State Hoops Shuts Down As New Allegations Come To Light

Getty Image / Bill Wippert

It’s been quite a roller coaster for the New Mexico State Aggies basketball program this year. The successful mid-major program has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

On November 19, when the Aggies were in Albuquerque to play rival New Mexico, junior forward Mike Peake allegedly shot dead New Mexico student Brandon Travis. Of course, the game was cancelled.

Here are some more details on that incident, courtesy of USA Today.

New Mexico State Police identified the dead student as 19-year-old Brandon Travis. Police did not identify the New Mexico State University student in a news release. But the Las Cruces Sun-News, part of the USA TODAY Network, as well as ESPN and other outlets, reported the student is Mike Peake, a junior forward on the MSU basketball team.

Peake, who was shot during the incident, was transported to an area hospital.

As of Sunday he was listed in stable condition.

State police investigators believe Travis conspired with a 17-year-old girl and two male friends – all UNM students to lure Peake, 21, to campus and assault him.

Sometime around 3 a.m. near the Coronado Hall dorm on New Mexico’s campus, Travis confronted Peake. According to investigators, Travis had a firearm and shot Peake. Peake also had a firearm and shot Travis, police say.

The girl and two male friends fled after the shooting, according to police. The girl has since been arrested, booked into a detention center and charged with aggravated battery and conspiracy.

Police investigators say they’ve identified the two male friends and were working with the local district attorney to determine whether they should be charged. Police did not identify the girl.

Since then, New Mexico State has struggled. They’re 9-15 and just 2-10 in the WAC.

And, late Friday night, disturbing news came out about the program.

And, Jeff Goodman added context on the suspension.

Many were speculating it had something to do with the murder back in November, but it appears not. Still, hard to see them returning to play this year, and head coach Greg Heiar seems likely to lose his job.