New Orleans Saints Hoping They’re An Option For One Available Quarterback


Getty Image / Ric Tapia

There isn’t much to be excited about right now for the New Orleans Saints. The most successful coach in franchise history just retired. Their star running back is in legal trouble. They are way over the cap. Taysom Hill is currently projected to be the team’s starting quarterback.

None of those are things you want to be dealing with in March, but they at least seem to be working on fixing one of those issues. Today, GM Mickey Loomis made it clear that they are working on the quarterback issue.

Loomis told NewOrleans.Football’s Nick Underhill that the Saints are interested in bringing back Jameis Winston next season.

It’s easy to see why the Saints would want Jameis back. The team was 4-2 before his injury and wound up beating the Bucs in the game where he was injured. After that, the season fell apart. They lost their next 5 games and wound up missing the playoffs.

Jameis could also potentially be even better next season. The Saints didn’t have Michael Thomas this season and gave Jameis one of the league’s worst receiver groups to work with as a result. With Thomas and anybody else the Saints might be able to add, Jameis stands a pretty good chance of getting them back to the playoffs.

At this point, the Saints have to be really regretting Taysom Hill’s contract. Hill is currently the 7th highest paid player on the roster and might never start another football game if the Saints can bring Jameis back for what should be a longer term deal than the two 1-year deals he’s signed the last couple of seasons.

Jameis Winston proved at the beginning of last season that he still deserves to be a starter in the NFL and the New Orleans Saints would be the perfect team for him to lead.