Either New Scandalous Photos Of Jerry Jones Have Maybe Surfaced Or This Hot Girl Is Just Dry Humping A Corpse

by 4 years ago

Terez Owens

Sports gossip blog Terez Owens has just gotten their hands on some more possibly-maybe-allegedly-don’t-sue-me photos of hot chicks doing sexy time things to what looks like Jerry Jones, although we can’t be sure. Why can’t we be sure? Because I don’t want to get sued. JCamm would be pissed, Brandon would probably cry and then Covucci…well, he’d probably giggle and write some stuff about dinosaurs. That’s our staff, folks!

In any case, it’s up to you to decide whether you think these photos are of hot girls frolicking around Jerry Jones or if they’re just photos of hot girls a dead corpse. I, for one, choose the latter…because again, don’t sue me.

Fucking legal ramifications, going around taking the fun out of everything.


Terez Owens


Terez Owens

[H/T Terez Owens]

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