New Rubik’s Cube Speed World Record Of 3.13 Seconds Is Breaking People’s Brains

Rubik's cube world record

iStockphoto / xmagic

Every so often there comes a new world record from a feat that most people never think about but it captures the attention and admiration of millions.

This new Rubik’s Cube speed world record is exactly that, a feat that has left millions stunned. Max Park set the new Rubik’s Cube world record at just 3.134 seconds.

Footage of the record-setting Rubik’s Cube achievement has been shared far and wide on social media:

Same video on YouTube:

Max is a 21-year-old ‘speedcubing prodigy’ from Cerritos, California who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. In his life he has gone on to achieve multiple world records in speedcubing.

He was inducted into the Guinness World Records Hall of Fame earlier this year prior to breaking this Rubik’s Cube speed world record.

His father, Schwan Park, said “Max has been on an incredible and inspiring journey with Rubik’s. He has already accomplished so many things in life, but to watch him break the speedcubing world record is a whole new level of achievement.”

Max’s dad added “As parents of an autistic child, we’ve seen firsthand how life-changing cubing has been toward Max’s personal growth. We’re so proud of him for his jaw-dropping feat, and we hope this encourages further acceptance, understanding and appreciation for talents within the autistic community.”

The world congratulates Max on his Rubik’s Cube world record

“This solve was soooo well executed!”

“Wow great job Max! My son got into the rubiks cube lately and he’s watched the documentary you were in.”

“Absolute legend!”

Absolute legend indeed.