New Video Of Delonte West Acting Erratically And Dancing Outside Strip Mall Surfaces Online

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Not too long ago Delonte West was a starter on an NBA team making millions of dollars. Now. West has been spotted wandering several locations in Maryland acting erratically.

A few days after being seen walking shoeless in a hospital gown outside of an In and Out Burger, the Daily Mail has now obtained a video shot outside a strip mall in Maryland of West dancing around and acting bizarre.

Via <a href="http://Daily Mail” target=”_blank”>The Daily Mail

In a short clip filmed January 26 at a strip mall close to his $1 million mansion in Fort Washington, Maryland, West can be seen performing an impromptu dance routine before clenching his fists like a boxer.
‘He came around the corner and scared me,’ said Raekwon Young, who works nearby. ‘He kept going on and on about winning the lottery and running around.
‘I didn’t expect him to be in the condition he was in because growing up I was a fan of the Cavs and he was one of my favorite players.’

West has been open in the past about his living with mental illness, let’s hope a family member is aware of his current condition and gets him help soon.

H/T BSO,Daily Mail