Former New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning Suffered An Injury While Attempting The Giants’ Conditioning Test


Getty Image / Jim McIsaac

  • Eli Manning has never had the best relationship with athletic testing
  • That continued today as he attempted the New York Giants’ conditioning test
  • With the test almost finished, Manning pulled his hamstring

Athletic testing has never been particularly kind to former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. Back when he was getting ready for the NFL Draft, it took him 4.9 second to run the 40-yard dash.

Unfortunately for him, his athletic testing endeavors haven’t gotten any better with age. Earlier this year, Manning once again tried his hand at one of the NFL Combine’s tests. Manning attempted the vertical leap test at the combine and it didn’t go particularly well for the 41-year old.

Despite being roasted for his jumping efforts just a few months ago, Eli decided to test his athleticism again today. He attempted the Giants conditioning test, which consists of having to run from sideline to sideline in 18 seconds or less 10 separate times.

Unfortunately for Manning, while he put in a valiant effort, his attempt didn’t end well for him. In the midst of running his 9th ” half gasser”, Eli pulled his hamstring.

“So I thought it would be a good idea to try our old conditioning test for the Giants today. 10 half gassers( run sideline to sideline and back) in 18 seconds. I almost made 9 before I pulled my hammy. What was I thinking?Moron!!”

Those 9 gassers were more running than we ever saw Manning do in an NFL game, with his career average of 2.4 yards per game.

This injury likely signals the end of Manning’s attempts at athletic testing. Luckily an impressive vertical leap or the ability to run 10 half gassers aren’t characteristics he’ll need when he returns to the Manningcast in September.