New York Jets Offensive Coordinator Answers Question About Pressure On Zach Wilson To Improve


Getty Image / Al Pereira

  • Zach Wilson had a disappointing rookie season for the New York Jets
  • His offensive coordinator says there is urgency for Wilson to improve
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Zach Wilson’s first season in the NFL definitely didn’t go according to plan for the quarterback or for the New York Jets.

Wilson struggled to produce throughout the season wasn’t even able to properly utilize fellow rookie Elijah Moore in his starts. It has left many wondering what exactly should be expected in year 2 for the former number 2 overall pick.

Today, Jets offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur was asked if there is pressure on him to get Zach Wilson where he needs to be in order to succeed. He said there isn’t pressure, but there is urgency.

There’s no doubt that this is an urgent matter for the Jets. After investing pick 2 in Wilson last year, he posted just 2334 passing yards and 9 touchdowns while throwing 11 interceptions in 13 starts.

Not only will he need to improve in year 2, but he’ll need to do it quickly. The Jets open the season with the 4 teams from the AFC North. All 4 of those defenses are expected to be good in 2022 and 2 of them should be among the best pass rushes in football.

In fact, Wilson and the Jets offense don’t face any particularly favorable matchups until December. It’s a schedule that will give Wilson very little wiggle room, but the difficulty of the schedule might not be enough to save his job if the Jets wind up picking in the to 5 again next season.

There are expected to be plenty of interesting options at quarterback in next year’s draft and Wilson is going to need to have a much better year in year 2 if he wants to keep the Jets from drafting his replacement next April.