The New York Knicks Achieved Ultimate Knicksdom By Knicksing All Over The NBA Draft

NBA Fans Roast The Knicks For Their Draft Night Strategy

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  • The NBA held their 2022 Draft on Thursday, June 23..
  • As they always do, the New York Knicks found a way to absolutely botch virtually every decision.
  • Knicks fans and the NBA world spent the night dunking on the moribund organization.

As a former New Jersey Nets fan, I’ve been without an NBA team for a decade now ever since the organization traded in the Izod Center (lol) in East Rutherford (also lol) for the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn.

Due to my lack of genuine rooting interest in any of the NBA’s teams, I quite often find myself enjoying the misery that the Nets seem to constantly find themselves in, made worse by the purgatorial fact that they usually seem to be on the *brink* of greatness. This, my friends, is known as the Curse of New Jersey. In case the likes of The Sopranos haven’t already taught you, you don’t wanna mess with us.

And as for the Knicks, well… the Knicks have been a trainwreck virtually my entire life. I have faint memories of the Ewing teams from the late 90s and the Sprewell/Houston days from the early 2000s — even that *one* fun season with Melo and Amare back in 2012 — but other than that, it’s nothing but disaster after disaster.

NBA fans rip the New York Knicks for their draft night strategy

Thursday night’s 2022 NBA Draft was just the latest examples of the Knicks Knicksing, as fans and NBA reporters alike we left properly confounded by the team’s draft night moves, which were the following:

Needless to say, all sorts of Knicks fans — from regular joes getting their hot takes off on Twitter to Stephen A. screaming on ESPN — were furious with the team’s apparent “strategy”:

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