The Mets Got Hammered And Celebrated Their NLCS Berth Like F*cking Champs

// there’s one thing that’s awesome about being in the postseason for any sports team, it’s getting to celebrate with a ton of booze with teammates and coaches, turning the locker room into a personal frat house.

Seriously, what a fucking tradition! Where else are millionaires actually encouraged to party like a bunch of drunk college kids?

And the New York Mets just scored an A+ for their celebration last night after beating the L.A. Dodgers to advance to their first NLCS in 15 seasons.

Last year, we saw San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner chug a bunch of beers, but this slip ‘n slide celebration by Mets hurler Jon Niese is even more ridiculous—and I can only imagine how wild shit will get if they actually make it, and then win, the World Series!

Get it, Mets!

[H/T The Big Lead]