There’s Nothing Quite Like New York Sports Radio After Jets And Giants Losses

daniel jones giants

Getty Image / Dylan Buell

People like to call the Monday after Week 1 of the NFL season “overreaction Monday” for good reason. No matter how much time is left in the season you can’t help but turn on any type of sports coverage and hear nothing but hot takes and of course, overreactions.

If your team wins, all is well in your city and if they lose, all hell is about to break loose. From ‘Is Tampa Bay now a bad fit for Tom Brady?’ all the way to “Are Big Ben and the Steelers a Super Bowl contender?” You are going to hear it all this week based on your team’s outcome. But no outcome is more extreme in the eyes of New York fans than a Giants-Jets win or loss. And to me, there is nothing more entertaining than New York radio when both the Giants and Jets look AWFUL, which Is exactly what we had during Week 1.

I woke up this morning to a cup of coffee and New York’s WFAN, which of course came running right out of the gates with some hot takes on how awful New York football looked this weekend. I heard ‘Is it time to release Sam Darnold?’ and ‘Is Saquon Barkley not the right fit in New York?’ The takes and topics were as outrageous as you could imagine. Sports fanatics wait on the phone lines for hours just to get their point across on-air, only to be hung up on 20 seconds into their point in true New York fashion.

But this is New York, this is how we do things here. When we win, we are the best team to ever play the game. And if we lose, we are a dumpster fire that needs to fire or release any coaching staff and player involved in the loss. It’s the beauty of sports radio in New York and keeps you coming back for more. My advice to you all, get some quality entertainment in your life today, turn on the closest radio station you can find to a Big Apple network, and enjoy the chaos.