Neymar, The Most Beloved Player at the World Cup, Risks It All By Frosting His Tips

by 4 years ago


Brazilian phenom Neymar stopped by a hairdresser between his team’s win against Croatia and today. Once there, he apparently asked for the Mark McGrath. This is truly a shocking development.

His teammate Dani Alves also decided to turn back the clock with some chemical lightening.

This is a very, very bold strategy. Considering how good the hosts looked in their first match, I’m not so sure it’s a good idea to mess with the positive mojo.

I went ahead and checked every respected bookmaker, and not one had a prop bet on the board regarding the sudden reappearance of this long-forgotten hair trend. The odds against the style raising like a phoenix from the bleached ashes were simply too high.

Clearly overcome by the weight of bringing frosty back to relevance, Neymar broke down during the national anthem.


Hang in there, buddy. It will grow out.


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