Ex-NFL Punter Tweets Out Dallas Cowboys’ PR Phone Number, So File Your Greg Hardy Outrage Accordingly

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Greg Hardy is a scumbag. There is no disputing that. At this point, it’s a travesty he still remains on an NFL roster given the alarming report Deadspin filed earlier today. NFL fans are up in arms at the notion the woman-beater was only suspended four games from the get-go, much less handed millions of dollars by the Dallas Cowboys as they stared these allegations – which we know now to be quite true – in the face and decided to disregard them because, football. Ugh.

Evidently ex-NFL punter Chris Kluwe is none to happy with the Greg Hardy situation either, and understandably so. The former Minnesota Vikings special teams man took to Twitter to make the Dallas Cowboys public relations phone number readily available to the public. Boom, the flood gates are open.


Call once, call a million times. Flood the phone lines. Leave voicemail after voicemail and begrudging voicemail and insist that Greg Hardy be cut from the team as he should be. There is no place in the NFL, or society for that matter, for a man who puts his hands on a woman. Ever.

And while you’re at it, feel free to let the NFLPA know how you’re feeling too.


#FireGregHardy. Get it trending.


My thoughts exactly, Chris Kluwe.

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