Katie Nolan DESTROYS Greg Hardy, The Dallas Cowboys, The NFL, And The Media Over Hardy’s ‘Guns Blazing’ Comment

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsYesterday idiot Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy made some absolutely asinine comments to the media about coming out “guns blazing” following his four-game suspension. Just an expression, you say? Nahhhh. My colleague Matt did a tremendous job contextualizing why that was such a moronic thing Hardy to say, if you forget his back story:

Dallas Cowboys Defensive End Greg Hardy hasn’t made news since he allegedly beat up his ex-girlfriend and threw her onto a pile of guns due to his jealousy over her short-lived relationship with rapper Nelly. Hardy was found guilty and given a 10 game suspension by the NFL. However, since the victim didn’t show up to court, likely indicating a settlement, the prosecutors had to drop the case and Hardy’s suspension was reduced from 10 to four games.

What a POS! But on top of that, a guy who is now playing professional football for millions of dollars AND threatened to kill is wife worked in some ridiculous comments about Tom Brady’s wife, Gisele:


Just… Wow.

Katie Nolan — Former Guyism employee and sports media Internet spirit animal — did what she did best in an online rant: Tore him a new asshole, along with (1. The always-hypocritical-without-fail NFL (2. The Dallas Cowboys organization for re-hiring him and (3. The mouth-breathing Dallas Cowboys beat reporters that naval-gaze to people like Hardy “for the quote.”

Pro football is gross, ugly business. Noland’s tremendous rant above.