NFL Coach After Interviewing Baker Mayfield: He’s ‘Cocky. Over-The-Top Cocky’

by 12 months ago

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Baker Mayfield has become, as many expected, the most polarizing player in this year’s draft class. The fiery Oklahoma quarterback secured a Heisman Trophy this season after walking on to the Texas Tech football team in 2013, becoming the first player ever to win college football’s most prestigious individual award after entering college without a scholarship.

He also may be the first player ever to grab his hog while yelling at opposing team’s fans.

Maybe Mayfield’s ‘meh’ three-star recruiting tag out of high school or him getting rejected by Texas has cemented the perpetual chip on his shoulder he carries with him five years later, even after his final year of college football in which he posted an NCAA-best 198.9 quarterback rating.

With the NFL Draft less than two months away,’s Kimberly Jones shared her experience of the general consensus around Mayfield at the combine.

As the combine was concluding, I asked a head coach for his biggest overall takeaway. He spotlighted Mayfield, saying he liked him the most on the field … and the least off of it. Another head coach, whose team interviewed Mayfield, rolled his eyes and described the quarterback: “Cocky. Over-the-top cocky.”

A second GM believes Mayfield’s personality could wear on an organization: “The leash will be short. He’ll have to win.”

Jones’ assessment comes days after Mayfield’s pitch to the Browns, claiming he’s a winner and vowing to “turn their franchise around.” At 11-2, Mayfield has the fourth-best odds to be selected by the Cleveland Browns in the top spot.

Although there’s some trepidation behind Mayfield, a majority of the NFL brass has been thoroughly impressed with his skills and leadership abilities.

“I love his fire,” said a third head man, indicating that Mayfield shows the kind of emotion usually associated with leaders on the defensive side of the ball. A fourth head coach considered Mayfield a winner who shows toughness and natural leadership.

And finally, a fifth head coach said he has “no issues” with Mayfield “because the football speaks for itself.”

I know I’d probably despise Mayfield if I ever met him, but something deep inside me is rooting for him to be the best of all time.




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